Bill Witt

.NET Advantage

Quick Look

I am an experienced generalist who specializes in Full Application Lifecycle .NET applications. 

I bring many years of experience from business process analysis to excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. My ability to work with the full range of stakeholders adds a valuable dimension to my creativity, resulting in superior solutions. And, I also write code in C# and manage massive amounts of data in a varity of formats, mostly in SQL Server. A speciality is fixing 'broken' or late projects. 

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What I Do

I provide web site architecture  and development, related business processes analysis, marketing and all things technical. 

My experience and communication skills help guide successful relationships between teams, clients and contractors. 

Late projects and projects that seem stalled or in an endless cycles are a specialty.

Microsoft Centric. That means C#, SQL, Linq, etc. 


Over many years of experience I have learned a thing or two:

KISS - Keep it simple. I believe this is the most important design criteria. And, the most violated, making projects late, over budget and unmaintainable. 

Fewer hands are better than many, almost always. Or, too many cooks in the kitchen... You get it.

Deliver early and often. If your stakeholders won't stay involved, get better at collaboration; it all depends on you. 

A cool car:

I think a home page can frequently use a picture. Here is my choice, a  250 MPH Bugatti Veyron super car: