Bill Witt

.NET Advantage

Starting my working life with an education in physics and engineering, my mechanical and problem solving skills led me to auto mechanics (Porsche, Audi and VW) during difficult times in the technology field. After a very successful career in the high end auto industry, ending with Ferrari, BMW and Alfa Romeo, I brought my experience to R&D where I spent a number of years developing novel solar energy systems, aircraft instrumentation and writing software and firmware for custom instruments and commercial products. 

As a director of engineering, I assembled and lead a team to break new ground in developing an automated factory for the production of high quality custom music tapes. These startup experiences led me to another startup group within a larger company, designing and producing advanced analog and digital read/write channels for disk drives. Here, working with a small team, we developed hardware, firmware and software to test, validate and demonstrate these state of the art products. Not only did I design and write the firmware and software, but I worked with customers such as Seagate and Toshiba to successfully incorporate their ideas and needs into our products. Working as an applications - sales engineer, I assisted customers in understanding and utilizing hardware and software products. During this time, I served as interface between the Microsoft Windows CE team, marketing, management, customers and firmware teams, often writing and testing new software and firmware to help develop and test. Several of these customers’ products were successful, even showcased by Microsoft at national events. Recently I have been successful contracting with Microsoft-centric software houses. 

Recently I have brought my business analysis skills togther with my WEB application skills to provide definition, architecture and development of complex line-of-business applications to my clients.