Bill Witt

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Bill Witt

Practiced, goal-oriented, web application architect/developer, product champion and systems software generalist with a broad range of business, industrial and R&D experience, excellent communication skills and a strong multi-discipline technical background. Experience includes complex, data driven mission-critical web sites, business process automation (back office), product development, technical sales/marketing, program management, manufacturing process design and implementation, test and measurement, organizational leadership and product champion. Well developed 'common sense' and a wide variety of experiences add to my ability to chunk down complex problems into easy to manage portions, making implementation faster and easier.

Intelligent, original thinker and problem solver
Proficient in C#, ASP.NET, SQL, VS2005-2012, AJAX, LINQ, Jscript, HTML, UML, XML, ERD, Entity Framework, WCF 
Outstanding written and verbal communications skills
Advanced WEB and User Interface designer
Business and back office application expert
Superb Intrapersonal Skills
Expert Program and Product manager
Office computer skills; MS Office, Project, Word, Excel, Visual Studio
Microsoft developer partner (MSDN)
Experienced technical trainer
Extensive R&D experience 

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October 2013 -  Consultant
I have architected, built and continue to update a product/marketing based web site for a local client. Projects includes web page tracking analytics and reporting, authority based management tools, SQL server mail list capture and management and custom credit card processing. All work performed using ASP.NET, C# and SQL Server 2012.

June 2013 - October 2013 Consultant
Worked on a large dashboard project at a division of Century Link. My accomplishments include extensive data discovery, data mining, analytics as well as web page development. Tasks included meeting with data set owners and discovering what and where the required data would be found. Data sources included old and new Excel spread sheets, share point lists, SQL data bases and some 'scrape-able' web sites. Analytics included extensive data conversion, charts and graphs and reporting services. All work in SQL and C#. 

Sept 2012 - June 2013 Web Application Architect and Developer
Completed a seven-month re-write of a legacy COBOL system for the Colorado Department of Revenue. The product is a web application to manage all aspects of the state's personalized license plate system. Working with an older business requirements document, I created a full architectural design that encompassed the needs of the stakeholders. As the sole architect/developer, I wrote the application as well as designing a majority of the business rules into editable sql tables for future expansion and simplified maintenance. Some of the ancillary tasks include writing Cobol copy book to C# code as well as data conversions. The application design is expected to form the basis for additional new web based products.

Feb 2012 - August 2012 Web Application Consultant - Colorado Engineering
Worked with permanent staff to complete a major web based project. Architected and developed a custom reporting system that produced multipage reports that had formerly been created by hand. Reports used custom logic in C# to render PDF files without using SQL Server Reporting Services allowing flexibility and a the ability to merge numerous pages into final report. Created an analytical charting package using Telerik AJAX charting controls that provided numerous options for the user including curve fitting, analytics, etc. Also contributed web pages for existing applications.

December 2011 - Feb 2012 Business Analyst and Technical SME Istonish
Completed work with an Istonish team creating the business requirements for a new RFP for the hunting license and state parks sales as the technical SME. Worked with a number of focus groups to capture and document requirements using SWOTs and user stories. This project not only captured requirements but also related them to technology enablers and priorities. Also responsible for the technical evaluation of potential vendors. Continuing to support the CPW's River Watch project, most recently repairing and updating a .NET, C# data acquisition system that performs automated chemical analysis on water samples and reports the results to a SQL data base at a remote location. This was a Windows desktop application in C#.

July 2011 - December 2011 Senior .NET Developer Planet Systems
Managed tasks centered on a large scale integration project for a major financial products company. Was responsible for the .net portion of the integration which is currently being developed using Entity Framework 4.0, Linq and C# on the .net 4.0 platform. Applied the new Silverlight RIA and associated web services to some of the data management needs and to provide a common layer for several web sites. Also participated in the creation of 20+ business requirement documents that have been driven by a gap analysis of the present processes and procedures, frequently involving focus groups of up to 12 participants, the results of which shaped the software development going forward.

April 2011 - July 2011 Senior .NET Developer Colorado Department of Wildlife
Spent a concentrated four month period at the Colorado Department of Wildlife (DOW) working on a web site called River Watch, the DOW's recording and analysis site for river and stream water. During this time reassembled the source code from a variety of sources to create a complete, documented code base which was set up a virtual machine to recreate the most recent development environment. Next steps were to clean up a major incomplete and inaccurate report and associated data base within the internal side of the application. During this time, working with a number of DOW staff, the report format and content was refined. This product is now moving to test. A considerable amount of time was also spent documenting the system. There is a continuing, part time involvement in this project.

2009 - May 2011 .Net Architect and Developer COO Rebecca Reynolds Consulting
During these two years, architected and developed a financial web site; This has been his most ambitious full application lifecycle project and is based upon the .net platform, MS SQL Server, written in C# and includes a number of interfaces to external data sources, web services, AJAX, the MS Charting package and other technologies.
Also, during these two years worked as a partner in an independent management consultant firm, RRC, as COO and CTO during which time the business grew to over 7 figures. Contributions included day to day management of up to 6 personnel and a variety of contractors, IT and support, contract development and management, marketing, business relationships and all other needed support for a rapidly growing business. RRC is currently developing new products in a low key mode.

2005 - 2009 inclusive Senior .NET Developer - compressed timeline
Qwest Communication Senior developer on a small team tasked with getting a late, stalled .NET workflow project back on schedule. Lead team of 8, four in Denver, four off-shores to become united and productive. Contributed to architecture and helped identify and remove bottlenecks and unnecessary features. Designed and wrote a complex data synchronizer that updated data from a Tibco CRM-workflow product and Oracle data base to a MS SQL server local data store for performance and usability.
Senior .NET Developer, Flatiron Capital - Wells Fargo In house developer/designer/PM for large enterprise ASP.NET web application. Developed numerous data driven custom web pages using C# and advanced user interface controls including extensively customized grid views, AJAX controls and stored procedures for various accounting and customer interface needs. Worked with department heads to streamline workflow with custom web applications. Developed custom DLL's and CLR stored procedures to add advanced functionality for reporting to SQL data store. Worked with team to create new data structures to feed BI reporting services. Built interactive reports using C# and UI controls when reporting services were not able. Debugged and supported code as old as 10 years.
Senior Developer, Productivity Specialist, Thunderworks Provide web site design and updating. Develop or direct application specific custom software solutions, focused on C# and .NET technologies as a Microsoft Partner. Assist small businesses develop strategies for increasing productivity using a variety of software and hardware solutions. Provide backup and recovery as well as disaster recovery solutions. Provide one on one and group training in computer skills and Office Suite.
.NET Developer and Quality Manager, Fowler Software Design Developed and applied successful program management techniques to existing and future projects resulting in higher margins, less rework and enhanced customer satisfaction. Completed development and documentation of major product in Brought extensive knowledge of Microsoft products to marketing and sales effort resulting in increased sales and heightened customer retention. Improved developer – client relationships. Helped shape technical direction and goals.
2003 - 2005 Program Management, Developer, The Goodbye Chain The Goodbye Chain is a market leader in tools and services - hazardous chemical management As program manager and developer created an integrated offering of software tools and services for material data disclosure in the developing RoHS and WEEE arena. Groundbreaking product The Material Declaration Wizard resulted, as well as a menu of complimentary support services. Working as technical marketing and sales expert, continually upgraded offerings in concert with evolving market clarity. Personally developed, created and integrated the 'crown jewel' of the product line, the MDW Advisor as well as related web site content. Managed NEMI product testing efforts with Kodak as test partner, where MDW product achieved the highest scores. In 'startup mode' created and maintained company infrastructure such as web hosting, email, FTP sites, back end web site coding, bulk mailings, software installation and updates, virus protection and other needed support services.
2002 - 2004 Trading System Development, Periscope Capital Inc. Periscope Capital is a leader in risk optimized, computerized portfolio trading. Designing, coding and testing complex software for stock and commodity trading systems using the TradeStation real-time platform. Converting existing software systems written in Objective C, Java and Perl into C# on the .NET platform allowing for updates and maintenance. Created UML documentation for existing software, and used it for the conversion and as a basis for test modules. Mentoring team in software design and best practices.

2000 - 2002 Senior Applications Engineer, National Semiconductor Inc.
Responsibilities: Support sales team with technical product support for 'system on a chip' microprocessor using combinations of email, telephone, personal contact, training classes and written documentation. Support pre and post sales efforts, as well as marketing groups. Reviewed and repaired code in apps and drivers. Accomplishments: Working closely with sales, assisted major customers with successful product development and integration. Created training videos and taught classes for customers and sales and marketing teams, helping to reduce complex hardware/software systems to easily understood concepts. Opened and maintained communication channels between customers and corporate development teams. Brought numerous new products ideas from customers to R&D. In conjunction with partner Microsoft, created support program for the Windows embedded products Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded.

1992 - 2000 Software Engineer/Architect, Systems Designer Cirrus Logic
Responsibilities: Support customer base producing custom hardware and software solutions for new disk drive chips. Identify and perform independent research on new product ideas. Work with team to develop supporting tools for advanced DVD player chips. Create, document, and perform tests to validate new silicon systems. Accomplishments: Supported customers of leading edge disk drive read channels with custom software for interfaces and other tools, helping to capture a large share of the new digital read channel market. Supported customers such as Toshiba and Seagate to customize these tools, in both cases, leading to major design wins. Funded for individual product development effort, resulting in 5 patents. Working with potential customers, developed test tools and test suites for emerging optical products aimed at DVD market.

1989 - 1992 Software Engineer, MIS, Applied Magnetics
Responsibilities: Varied, startup. Developed software for automate data collection on pilot production lines with goal of ISO 6000 compliance. Design and write software for test, measurement and production systems. Created corporate local area network and interface with IBM mainframe in California. Accomplishments: Designed and wrote software for test equipment, both for delivered products and manufacturing tests. Worked with a team to produce a dual processor media tester that had all the functionality of an optical disk drive, my part being firmware. System used serial and parallel data links between a PC and system. Designed and implemented Novel Local Area Network, and put in place a full MIS plan. Designed and implemented (in 'C') a novel data collection / distribution system for manufacturing, using networked workstations and a multi-user database. Personal: Hobbies include woodworking, travel, motorcycle sport riding and touring, hiking and camping and computer technology. I am in excellent physical condition, and take steps to remain that way. I value honesty and integrity, and live a principled live. I am constantly learning.